Solarea Bio Investigators Receive National Academy of Medicine Healthy Longevity 2022 Quickfire Challenge Award

Work focuses on studying the mycobiome as a novel class of probiotics for the dietary management of inflammation associated with aging

Sep 29 2022

Solarea Bio Announces Licensing Agreement with ADM

Solarea Bio, a biotech company based in Cambridge, MA that is developing microbial-based solutions to aid human health, today announced it has signed a technology licensing agreement with global nutrition leader ADM

Oct 19 2021

Juliana Soto Named To Georgia Tech Alumni’s 40 Under 40 List

In the U.S., about 10 million Americans are currently living with osteoporosis or osteopenia and the majority are women. For Maria Soto-Giron, that statistic is personal. Her motivation for working in biotech looking for treatments to reduce chronic inflammation is her mother who has rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

Jul 15 2020

Eric Schott’s Ph.D. work covered by Forbes.

While your body is home to millions of different types of bacteria, it turns out that some may be more welcome than others.
But now we have more reason to believe that specific bacteria living in the gut microbiome may, in fact, be responsible for a common debilitating disease.

Apr 23 2018

Illumina Accelerator Sees ‘Huge Impact in Genomics’ in New Startups

—Solarea Bio: The only company not from the Bay Area, Boston-based Solarea is developing probiotic treatments that are derived from natural sources, Cashin says.

Jul 26 2017