The Food as Medicine™ Company

Solarea Bio is a biotech company in Cambridge MA building solutions for health disorders using bacteria and fungi native to healthy foods to create powerful synergistic, anti-inflammatory microbial assemblages.

Launched at the Illumina Accelerator in 2017, Solarea has built a powerful platform using microbial discovery and genomics to rapidly deliver novel products to address chronic inflammatory conditions.

Solarea Bio is creating a new class of health products by mining the microbes that naturally colonize healthy foods to address inflammatory disorders

Inspired by nature and using computational and experimental approaches, bacteria and fungi are combined with other natural substrates to create functional and specific consortia

Our vision is to create and lead a new way to rapidly discover, develop, and launch commercial products aiding in the management of disorders where other products are not sufficient

News & Press

Solarea first peer-review publication reveals green olives and other fruits and vegetables have vast microbial diversity with the potential to deliver probiotic functionality

Solarea Bio announces its first scientific publication of some of their core research in Scientific Reports, a Nature Portfolio journal. This pilot study describes the microbial diversity known as the “Edible Plant Microbiota” in four commonly consumed items

Dec 15 2021

Solarea Bio Teams up with Hebrew SeniorLife Investigators on a Newly Awarded U.S. National Academy of Medicine Catalyst Grant

Solarea Bio and leading researchers at Harvard Medical School affiliated Hebrew SeniorLife, New England’s largest nonprofit provider of senior health care and living communities, are co-investigators on a competitive research grant from the U.S. National Academy of Medicine’s …

Nov 04 2021

Solarea Bio Announces Licensing Agreement with ADM

Solarea Bio, a biotech company based in Cambridge, MA that is developing microbial-based solutions to aid human health, today announced it has signed a technology licensing agreement with global nutrition leader ADM

Oct 19 2021

Solarea Bio rounds out management team to gear up for commercialization of first product

Solarea Bio, a company launching microbiome products to combat inflammatory conditions and improve the lives of afflicted individuals, rounds out their management team with strong startup commercialization experience as they welcome Dr. David Easson, Chief Manufacturing Officer and …

Oct 07 2021