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We are looking for a highly motivated individual with expertise in the NGS data, microbiome, and microbial ecology. The candidate will apply established pipelines and incorporate new computational tools for the analysis of metagenomes and microbial genomes from different sources. The candidate will also perform high throughput screening of metabolites and genes to characterize and identify novel functions and metabolic pathways in Solarea microbial strains. Using your experience in microbiome and genomics, you will support a diverse portfolio of metagenomics projects with external collaborators, participate in discussions of scientific directions for microbiome biomarker discovery, and provide intellectual and technical support to expand company’s pipelines in the microbiome space.  

The position will be reporting to the Translational Bioinformatics Lead to join in a team working on the expansion of the company’s state-of-the-art discovery platform for characterization, validation, and development of microbial product candidates  


  • Execute bioinformatics pipelines for sequencing data analyses of pre-clinical/clinical studies formicrobiome biomarker identification 
  • Analyze sequencing results with various databases and bioinformatics tools
  • Apply new tools and workflows for metagenome mining for genes and biological pathways of interest  
  • Identify relevant computational packages, databases, and resources to execute integrated data mining analyses  
  • Generate and communicate reports displaying results and biological data interpretations at internal and external meetings 
  • Keep current with scientific literature and suggest innovative sequencing related protocols, databases, and algorithms 
  • Use established programming standards and best practices in building and maintaining bioinformatics infrastructure in the AWS environment 
  • Bring in original ideas to create solutions to complex problems 


  • Master’s degree in bioinformatics, microbiology, computer science, statistics, medical informatics, or in a life sciences-related discipline with experience in microbiome research 
  • Strong scientific understanding of molecular biology, microbial ecology, and NGS technologies 
  • Experience with statistical analyses and their application to biological data sets 
  • Proficient in scripting languages such as R or Python 
  • Proficiency working with large NGS datasets and in the analysis of large-scale microbiome datasets 
  • Experience working in both Linux and OS environment  
  • Hands-on experience in genomics and bioinformatics databases, in data analyses using existing and custom pipelines 
  • Experience with cloud computing (AWS), HPC computing clusters, Docker 
  • In-depth knowledge of omics technologies for data generation and analysis including metagenomics, metabolomics/proteomics (preferred), whole genome sequencing, among others 
  • Capability to handle multiple projects simultaneously 
  • Experience in scientific communication, such as writing manuscripts, creating posters, and presenting at seminars and conferences 
  • Self-motivation and adaptability to evolving project priorities and responsibilities 
  • Effective communication and organizational skills 
  • Team-oriented, with a strong work ethic 

Nice to have: 

  • Experimental skills in DNA extraction, library preparation, RNA handling, PCR 
  • Experience with molecular or cellular biology methods 
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